What Does 'Manifested for Delivery' Mean?


It’s common to encounter a variety of terms that denote the different statuses of a parcel as it proceeds through the order fulfilment and shipping process.

There is no standardised terminology and it is common to encounter shippers using varying status terms. These terms are critical to the smooth functioning of the logistics industry and so it is crucial to correctly understand what they each mean.

‘Manifested for delivery’ is one of these key statuses. But what does it mean and how does it differ from other delivery statuses such as ‘out for delivery’?

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The Basics of 'Manifested for Delivery' Status.

‘Manifested for delivery’ essentially means that the distributor or courier company has completed all necessary actions and processed all the paperwork prior to despatching the package.

While we might take the word ‘manifested’ to mean ‘shown’ or ‘made clear’, in this case it comes from the meaning of the noun ‘manifest’. This refers to a list – of passengers or cargo, for example. In logistics, the shipping manifest is a document created by the courier, detailing shipping information such as the number, type and description of the goods in the shipment.

‘Manifested for delivery’ therefore denotes that this ‘manifest’ has been prepared and that the package is now ready to be despatched by being loaded onto the delivery vehicle and undergoing its ‘final-mile’ stage.

Not all companies will use this status. It is common, for example, to see a status change from something like ‘order received’ or ‘order processed’ directly to ‘out for delivery’ without ever showing as ‘manifested for delivery’.

‘Manifested for delivery’ is often used by large companies that use several third-party logistics carriers. Here, it denotes that the package has been assigned to a particular carrier and is ready to be sent to that company – or collected by one of its drivers – before making its onward journey.

It can also be used by smaller carriers that operate using multiple drivers, again showing that the admin is complete and the package is ready to be assigned to a driver.

Table of Contents.

Table of Contents.

Is ‘Manifested for Delivery’ the Same as 'Out for Delivery'?

‘Manifested for delivery’ does not have the same meaning as ‘out for delivery’. These statuses represent distinct stages in the delivery process.

‘Manifested for delivery’ is primarily about the preparation and readiness for departure. It signifies that all the necessary administrative steps have been completed. But the package at this stage is usually still at the depot or warehouse. ‘Manifested for delivery’ marks the readiness of the package for the final phase of its delivery process but does not mean it has commenced that journey.

In contrast, ‘out for delivery’ indicates that the package has left its final storage location, has been loaded onto the delivery vehicle and is en route to the customer’s delivery address. ‘Out for delivery’ is the stage where the package is actively being delivered and is physically in the last leg of its journey, on its way to its final destination.

The transition from ‘manifested for delivery’ to ‘out for delivery’ therefore represents a critical shift from preparation to action – from readiness for departure to actively on its way. Both statuses are integral to the logistics process, but they serve different purposes and mark different stages of the delivery journey.


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