About Us.

Geo2 & the Team.

We Transform Last-Mile Delivery for Logistics Businesses of All Sizes.

Success in logistics hinges on mastering efficient last-mile delivery. We equip drivers and delivery businesses with the technology to make that happen.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to make the best supply chain technology universally available. Our global team works together to deliver technology that is pragmatic, user-friendly, and highly effective for supply chains worldwide.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to create a world where supply chains run at their most efficient, with the smallest global environmental impact, through technology.

What is Geo2?

Geo2 is a cloud-based transport management system (TMS). It streamlines delivery processes, offering sophisticated route planning and optimisation, along with real-time tracking and customer notifications.

Transport managers can use Geo2 through the web platform to manage loads, optimise routes and track vehicle CO2 emissions. Drivers can use the mobile app to be guided through their delivery schedules, capture proof of delivery and to perform vehicle checks.

Businesses of all sizes can use Geo2 – from independent drivers to multinational enterprises. It elevates delivery performance, cuts operational costs and improves customer satisfaction. With Geo2, deliveries are faster, fuel consumption is minimised and every route is optimised for efficiency.

The Geo2 Advantage.

At the heart of Geo2 is a commitment to innovation, underpinned by deep industry expertise and a robust development support team.

The driver app is a testament to this. It is packed with features designed to streamline every aspect of the delivery process. From intuitive route navigation to multiple ways of capturing proof of delivery, it’s been engineered to enhance operational efficiency.

What truly sets Geo2 apart is the wealth of supply chain experience that has informed its development. We draw upon expertise that has been honed through years of direct, hands-on experience in supply chain technology. This knowledge ensures Geo2 is not just a delivery tool – it is a comprehensive application that solves the real-world challenges of logistics management.

Backing this advanced technology is our formidable team. We have technology and logistics experts with the knowledge and expertise to revolutionise last-mile delivery. The team is global, with staff based in the UK, Europe and Asia. Our people offer a strong foundation of support for our clients, ensuring they, and their customers, enjoy the benefits of our innovative, experience-driven approach to transport management.

Our Story.

Geo2 was originally developed as Springboard Delivery in 2017. It was created by Springboard Applications Ltd., a sister company of Balloon One Solutions Ltd., and part of the Balloon One Group.

Founded in 2003 and based in West London, UK, Balloon One is an end-to-end supply chain systems provider with a focus on delivering agile solutions through a pragmatic approach to its customers’ needs for their distribution operations.

Balloon One provides WMS, ERP, TMS and automation solutions that enable greater interoperability between processes throughout the supply chain. With a value-driven and fact-based strategy, Balloon works with clients, identifying and resolving their challenges and facilitating the growth of their businesses.

Springboard Delivery has been significantly improved over the years. It was then rebuilt from scratch and relaunched as Geo2 in 2023.

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