Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD).

Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD) Features:

Photo capture with multiple images

QR code & barcode scanning

Capture signature

Record notes

Capture 'safe place'

Record GPS Location POD was taken

Record date and timestamp

Custom POD templates

Update delivery status and document any issues

Electronic Proof of Delivery with Geo2.

Stay in control of your deliveries by capturing crucial information with precision and ease – from signatures and notes to ‘safe place’ details, GPS locations and date and time stamps.

Use QR and barcode scanning, capture multiple photos and update delivery statuses in real-time. For additional flexibility, use the custom template to incorporate the POD methods you use, in the order that suits your own workflows and processes.

Discover how Geo2 proof of delivery software can help enhance your efficiency, mitigate delivery issues and provide an exceptional delivery experience for your valued customers.

Eliminate Disputes and Ensure Certainty With Easy Delivery Verification.

Proof of delivery software can prevent disputes. Using quick and easy verification methods, you can obtain irrefutable evidence that proves deliveries have been successfully made.

The last thing you need is the uncertainty and frustration of disputed deliveries and fraudulent claims. Contentious issues like this can waste time, harm your business reputation and cost you money.

Geo2 helps drivers to easily collect electronic proof of delivery. Using the functionality of their mobile devices, drivers can scan barcodes, take photographs, record delivery notes, capture signatures, register date and timestamps, and use GPS to confirm the delivery location.

With concrete evidence of successful deliveries, there’s no more ambiguity, no more scope for disputes – just solid, airtight verification. The process is efficient and hassle-free, enabling you to complete your deliveries swiftly while ensuring the highest level of accuracy.

Capture Proof of Delivery Effortlessly Using QR and Barcode Scanning.

Scanning functionality is a powerful tool for delivery drivers. Consignments are quickly and easily scanned with a mobile device to instantly confirm successful delivery.

In logistics operations, time is of the essence. With drivers processing large volumes of orders, every second counts and the ability to swiftly scan a QR code or barcode minimises the time taken for each stop. With no need to manually log or write anything, errors are eliminated and the precise and rapid identification of the package is guaranteed.

Geo2’s scanning functionality accelerates the proof of delivery process, while also enhancing reliability and accuracy. Its intuitive interface enables faster, error-free deliveries and a streamlined workflow.

Comprehensive Photo Capture for Enhanced Documentation.

For unparalleled transparency and verification, drivers can document deliveries by taking multiple photographs.

It can be frustrating when a customer claims that their delivery was damaged on arrival. Without proof, it’s impossible to establish the facts. With their word against yours, you are vulnerable to compensation disputes that can not only dent your bottom line but also tarnish your hard-earned reputation.

With comprehensive photo capture, Geo2 provides the necessary proof. Drivers can capture multiple photographs in the proof of delivery app that verify the condition of delivered packages. They can take images from several angles, show that a package was placed in its designated ‘safe place’ or prove the safe delivery of a fragile item.

The images are securely logged against the delivery for future reference, providing that all important proof by way of a visual record.

delivery man taking electronic proof of delivery of parcels he is delivering with green plexus overlayed

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Route Planner & Route Optimization.

Use route optimisation features that find the optimal route for multiple deliveries, minimising travel times and mileage. This translates to greater efficiency, reduced cost and improved customer satisfaction.

iOS & Android Mobile App.

Geo2 can be accessed and used on any smartphone, whether you use and Apple phone or an Android phone. The Geo2 app can be accessed from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Electronic Proof of Delivery.

Ensure that all of your deliveries arrive safely to the customer with Electronic Proof of Delivery. Image proof, a signature, and a record of the gps coordinates prevent false claims and ensure your customers receive their deliveries on-time, in-full.

Real-Time Tracking Visibility.

Track your fleet with live-visibility and share delivery tracking with customers. Geo2 responds immediately to real-time events such as traffic, bringing greater flexibility and responsiveness to improve efficiency and meet customer expectations.

Cloud-Based, Scalable Solution.

Built in the Cloud, Geo2 can be used wherever there is an internet connection. The Cloud-based product allows for a rapid setup and quick ROI. Data is highly secure with no limitations from digital infrastructure.

Order & Delivery Management Web Hub.

Use the Geo2 Hub to manage your order and delivery inforamtion. Upload data via a spreadsheet (CSV), or connect your systems via Geo2's API. Managing your orders and deliveries has never been easier.

Vehicle Walkaround Checks.

Prevent unwanted setbacks in your delivery operation with Vehicle Checks. By monitoring and tracking the condition of your vehicles, you can have peace of mind that no costly surprises will occur, ensuring your deliveries will always be made.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Track and monitor your operation with real-time analytics. Use analytical insights to determine the efficiency of your operation and identify areas for improvement. Track CO2 usage and report on costs.

And so much more…

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