Order & Delivery Management Hub.

Order & Delivery Management Hub Features:

Unlimited Monthly Orders

Multiple Types of Orders

Create Custom Objects

Manually add orders via CSV spredsheet upload

API integration for seamless connection with different systems

Search for order information

Unlimited Organisations and Depots

Interactive and editable map

Delivery and collection stop options

Bulk copy and move stops between routes

Dispatcher and driver notes

Dynamic ETA's for customers

Data retention for history and analytics analysis

Machine learning algorithms for Load Building (automatic route building)

Complete management of delivery operation

Order & Delivery Management with Geo2.

Delivery and order management software simplifies the complexity in your logistics business. With a centralised and holistic view of your orders and deliveries, your operation runs more smoothly.

Managing orders and deliveries across multiple depots can be a logistical nightmare. You need to organise orders into loads, coordinate drivers and ensure quick deliveries. Tracking everything manually can be time-consuming and unproductive.

The Geo2 Web hub streamlines the task of handling orders and deliveries. No more scattered data or confusion, just a clear overview of your entire logistics landscape. You can manage a variety of order types and even create custom objects tailored to your specific needs.

Efficient Order & Delivery Management.

Manage your entire delivery operation via the Geo2 Web Hub. Manually upload your order data or, for greater speed and ease, seamlessly integrate your systems using the Geo2 API. With the ability to handle unlimited monthly orders, diverse order types and even the creation of custom objects, you’ll find every tool you need in Geo2’s comprehensive order and delivery management software.

The interactive map puts you in control like never before. Plan, monitor and adapt routes with ease. Rearrange your dashboard so that vital information is at your fingertips. Choose from a range of analytics charts for your operation to make informed decisions with ease. Plus, with data retention, your valuable information is always at your disposal.

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Effortless Data Integration via CSV or API.

Easily upload your order data via spreadsheets in CSV format or connect your order systems to the Geo2 API.

You don’t want the hassle of manually adding orders one by one. It can take you too long and there is the risk of errors. Aside from being inefficient, it can lead to delays, order inaccuracies and unhappy customers.

A delivery management system like Geo2 automates the integration of order data, saves valuable time and unlocks a new level of control and efficiency, ensuring accuracy and streamlining your operations.

With Geo2, you can swiftly and seamlessly integrate your order data. Upload your data in two convenient ways: via a spreadsheet in CSV format or by connecting directly via the Geo2 API and sync your order data immediately from your external systems.

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Tactical Planning For Operational Order & Delivery Management.

Dynamic Load Building allows for one click management of all orders and deliveries through machine learning algorithms. Dynamic Load Building automatically assigns your deliveries to vehicles based on the optimal route from a pool of deliveries. This way you can build your routes almost instantly, saving precious time and money it would take to plan orders and deliveries.

Make efficient use of your resources with pickup and delivery stop options. With features like bulk copying and moving stops between routes, dispatcher and driver notes and dynamic ETAs for customers, the order and delivery management hub redefines convenience and precision.

Create the most efficient routes and manage stops with precision. Save time and effort – or adapt to changing circumstances – by easily copying and moving stops between routes.

The map-based view allows you to visualise everything at once and your dashboard displays analytical charts that let you track your operational effectiveness. You can quickly and easily assess your metrics for orders, consignments, vehicles, drivers and CO2 emissions.

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Route Planner & Route Optimization.

Use route optimisation features that find the optimal route for multiple deliveries, minimising travel times and mileage. This translates to greater efficiency, reduced cost and improved customer satisfaction.

iOS & Android Mobile App.

Geo2 can be accessed and used on any smartphone, whether you use and Apple phone or an Android phone. The Geo2 app can be accessed from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Electronic Proof of Delivery.

Ensure that all of your deliveries arrive safely to the customer with Electronic Proof of Delivery. Image proof, a signature, and a record of the gps coordinates prevent false claims and ensure your customers receive their deliveries on-time, in-full.

Real-Time Tracking Visibility.

Track your fleet with live-visibility and share delivery tracking with customers. Geo2 responds immediately to real-time events such as traffic, bringing greater flexibility and responsiveness to improve efficiency and meet customer expectations.

Cloud-Based, Scalable Solution.

Built in the Cloud, Geo2 can be used wherever there is an internet connection. The Cloud-based product allows for a rapid setup and quick ROI. Data is highly secure with no limitations from digital infrastructure.

Order & Delivery Management Web Hub.

Use the Geo2 Hub to manage your order and delivery inforamtion. Upload data via a spreadsheet (CSV), or connect your systems via Geo2's API. Managing your orders and deliveries has never been easier.

Vehicle Walkaround Checks.

Prevent unwanted setbacks in your delivery operation with Vehicle Checks. By monitoring and tracking the condition of your vehicles, you can have peace of mind that no costly surprises will occur, ensuring your deliveries will always be made.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Track and monitor your operation with real-time analytics. Use analytical insights to determine the efficiency of your operation and identify areas for improvement. Track CO2 usage and report on costs.

And so much more…

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