Route Planner
Route Optimization.

Route Planning and Route Optimization Features:

Optimizes routes for fastest time and lowest fuel usage

Live traffic information

Map-based multi drop route optimization

Priority Scheduling

Single or multiple drops

Optimizes routes up until departure (and during if necessary)

Unlimited routes and stops

Updating and displaying ETA en route

Updating route start time and ETA

Fleet Optimization

Scheduling by capacities

Dynamic departure times

Multiple trips

Update and display new stop sequences

Dynamic load building

Track vehicle CO2 usage

Route Planning & Route Optimization with Geo2.

Save time by automatically planning delivery routes. Then optimize them so that you can make more deliveries, in less time, while cutting fuel consumption and saving money. Build in priority scheduling, add multiple drops, schedule by capacity and create an unlimited number of routes.

Geo2 is a comprehensive route planner and route optimization software that will elevate your delivery business to new heights of productivity and cost-effectiveness. Say goodbye to logistical headaches and hello to streamlined, optimized operations.

Using advanced algorithms, Geo2’s route planning and route optimization feature calculates the most efficient routes for drivers. It instantly analyses multiple route options, then selects the most efficient path, considering both time and fuel consumption.

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Smart Planning for Optimal Routes and Minimal Fuel Usage.

Route optimisation software avoids costly delays. With more efficient routing, you save time and significantly reduce your fuel and delivery costs.

With a delivery operation, the clock is always ticking. When drivers get stuck in traffic, they are burning both time and fuel. Every minute wasted is a hit to your bottom line.

Using advanced algorithms, the Geo2 route planning and optimisation feature calculates the most efficient routes for drivers. It instantly analyses multiple route options, then selects the most efficient path, considering both time and fuel consumption.

You can optimise delivery routes right up until departure (and during the trip if necessary), ensuring deliveries are always made using the most efficient route.

Stay Ahead of the Traffic with Real-Time Information.

Real-time data ensures greater proactivity. Drivers can navigate traffic with ease, avoiding bottlenecks and reaching their destinations on time, every time.

Whenever drivers are suddenly caught up in a jam, their schedule begins to slip. Every minute of delay risks plummeting customer satisfaction levels and a scramble to get through the deliveries on time.

Geo2’s live traffic information feature is a dynamic tool that keeps drivers moving. It monitors real-time traffic conditions, so you can re-optimize your route to avoid current traffic conditions. Whether there’s a sudden road closure, a new diversion or a building traffic jam, Geo2 can adjust routes on the go to ensure your delivery windows are met.

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Flexible Map-Based Multi-Drop Routes.

With perfectly sequenced stops, your priority deliveries are handled effectively and drivers move seamlessly from one drop to the next, keeping your customers happy.

It’s a complex puzzle as a driver to route through multiple drops, with varying priorities and a ticking clock. If planning is manual, or left to chance on the day, drivers risk zigzagging across town, backtracking through already visited areas and wasting valuable time.

With Geo2’s map-based multi-drop route optimization software, you simply input your stops and priorities and the system’s advanced algorithm takes over. You can schedule by capacity and use an unlimited number of routes. The route optimization software analyses the most efficient sequence for your stops and generates the optimum route by time and resource use.

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Route Planning & Optimization.

Use route optimization features that find the optimal route for multiple deliveries, minimising travel times and mileage. This translates to greater efficiency, reduced cost and improved customer satisfaction.

iOS & Android Mobile App.

Geo2 can be accessed and used on any smartphone, whether you use and Apple phone or an Android phone. The Geo2 app can be accessed from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Electronic Proof of Delivery.

Ensure that all of your deliveries arrive safely to the customer with Electronic Proof of Delivery. Image proof, a signature, and a record of the gps coordinates prevent false claims and ensure your customers receive their deliveries on-time, in-full.

Real-Time Tracking Visibility.

Track your fleet with live-visibility and share delivery tracking with customers. Geo2 responds immediately to real-time events such as traffic, bringing greater flexibility and responsiveness to improve efficiency and meet customer expectations.

Cloud-Based, Scalable Solution.

Built in the Cloud, Geo2 can be used wherever there is an internet connection. The Cloud-based product allows for a rapid setup and quick ROI. Data is highly secure with no limitations from digital infrastructure.

Order & Delivery Management Web Hub.

Use the Geo2 Hub to manage your order and delivery inforamtion. Upload data via a spreadsheet (CSV), or connect your systems via Geo2's API. Managing your orders and deliveries has never been easier.

Vehicle Walkaround Checks.

Prevent unwanted setbacks in your delivery operation with Vehicle Checks. By monitoring and tracking the condition of your vehicles, you can have peace of mind that no costly surprises will occur, ensuring your deliveries will always be made.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Track and monitor your operation with real-time analytics. Use analytical insights to determine the efficiency of your operation and identify areas for improvement. Track CO2 usage and report on costs.

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