How Geo can help you.

route optimisation

Use route optimisation features that find the optimal route for multiple deliveries, minimising travel times and mileage. This translates to greater efficiency, reduced cost and improved customer satisfaction.

easy implementation

Simply get in touch and purchase your licenses, download the Geo2 app on your driver's mobile device drivers’ mobile devices and start adding your consignments through the hub or an API integration.


Track and monitor your operation with real-time analytics outlining performance. The powerful insights can be used to constantly improve the efficiency of your fleet.

real time tracking

Track your fleet with live-visibility and share delivery tracking with customers. Geo responds immediately to real-time events such as traffic, bringing greater flexibility and responsiveness to improve efficiency and meet customer expectations.

simple integration

Integrate your ERP and WMS to allow a seamless process from your customer’s point of purchase, all the way to the product’s final delivery. Integrate with SAP Business One, Korber WMS and much more!

proof of delivery

Deliver with confidence. Scan barcodes, take photographs, record delivery notes and signatures, all while using GPS functionality to record delivery location.

cloud based

Advanced cloud storage means there's no need to invest in expensive infrastructure or heavy maintenance costs. All you need to run your operation is stored safely in the cloud.

customer tracking

Allow your customers to track their deliveries and provide an estimated delivery time. This helps to reduce missed deliveries whilst also improving customer satisfaction.

The benefits.

Geo at a glance.

Improved delivery efficiency.

Improved customer satisfaction.

Reduced carbon footprint.

cost of delivery.

Multiple devices.

The application.

The Hub.

Manage and run your delivery operation from the Hub user interface. Quickly import all your delivery locations from your ERP or WMS and create your optimised routes. Track drivers activities in real time, view delivery records instantly and further improve your operation through the detailed performance data.

The app.

Our easy to use app allows drivers to electronically record all delivery data through a mobile phone, and also collects all the performance data needed to both run and improve your operation.

What our customers think.
"It's very easy to use and has increased our recording of PODs by 30% compared to paper delivery. I would recommend this app to any delivery business."
"After 18 months it has become an essential part of our delivery service. From user friendly, reliable routing to photo P.O.D, it has been well worth the investment."


Affordable and scalable.

What's included?